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As life begins to return to a semblance of normalcy, my schedule is regaining some of the structure it previously had. As such, my current openings are listed below for your convenience. Note that I prefer to start no earlier than 11am and wrap up no later than 7pm, although I'm happy to make exceptions for duos, monthly arrangements, and Extended engagements.

My current openings for the next few weeks:

Sunday April 21st, evening


OUT OF TOWN from April 22nd - May 5th

Monday May 6th, morning + evening

Wednesday May 8th, all day
Thursday May 9th, all day


Sunday May 12th, morning + afternoon

Monday May 13th, all day

Wednesday May 15th, all day

UNAVAILABLE from May 16th - May 18th

Sunday May 19th, all day

Monday May 20th, all day


Wednesday May 22nd, all day

Thursday May 23rd, all day


Saturday May 25th, all day

Monday May 27th, all day


Wednesday May 29th, all day

Thursday May 30th, all day

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