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My email address is

Email is my preferred method of contact under nearly all circumstances. I do my best to respond to all messages as quickly as possible, but my full and busy life can lead me away from my inbox at times. If this happens, I apologize in advance for any slow replies.

My phone number is given when our first visit is booked.

You may use this to contact me for any same-day or last-minute questions or updates. Be aware that I do change my number from time to time, so if we have not met in awhile you may no longer have the correct one. My current number goes back to Spring 2020; the last two digits are 41.

Direct messages and PMs on boards are discouraged.

While many websites have built-in communication options, I tend to reply slower to these messages if I see them at all. There are simply too many different boards to keep track of, and it's all too easy for a note to slip through the cracks.


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