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For this option, send me email addresses for several other providers you have seen, along with links to either their websites or their ads, as well as a couple of sentences on how they will each remember you.


Please note that all of this information is necessary if you choose this method. I request a minimum of 2 references within the last six months, or 3 within the last year. Exceptions may be made if you're being referred by one of my friends.


I also accept Okays from Preferred411. For this choice, please either send me a pre-screen/appointment request from within the site, or send me your P411 ID with the email address in your P411 profile.


Please note that I reserve the right to ask for references if I do not feel sufficiently confident after looking over your Okays. I request a minimum of 2 Okays within the last six months, or 3 within the last year.

Meeting + Verification

If neither of the above are options for you, you may request alternate screening. For this choice, we will set up an initial meeting in a public location of my choosing. Either beforehand or at the meeting, I will ask for a look at your ID and an indication of where I can find your online presence (profile on your employer's website, Facebook page, etc).

If you wish to select this method, let me know and I will provide you with further details. Please be aware that both the meeting and the verification are required if you go this route. Due to the time involved, this does carry a $200 fee.

What if I have reviews?

Due to a decline in review culture as well as an increase in risk, I no longer accept reviews alone as a screening method. You are more than welcome to link me to your reviews, but I will only use them as a reminder for your references of when and where you met them.

What if I have Vouches / Whitelist Recommendations / etc?

I do not accept board-based vouches, whitelist recommendations, provider responses to reviews, or provider-supplied code words as screening. I do not feel that these provide sufficient information for me to be comfortable at our first meeting. The only exception is Preferred411 Okays, as covered above.

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