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Here are some quotes from a few of my wonderful visitors. These are meant to give you an indication of what an experience together may be like. However, please bear in mind that each occasion with each friend is unique to that time and place, and depends upon our chemistry as well as your desires.

An experience with her is about spending time with a person who is attentive and present in every way, characteristics which should not be lost in the typical recounting of physical features (which are exquisite in every way) and activities (which are comprehensive and mutually enjoyable). Sofina is a benchmark against whom we can all take a measure.

~ C.

She gives her undivided attention for the entire time. She's engaging, smart, and funny, but also knows when to be quiet and let her hands do the talking, and is comfortable in her own skin and so makes you comfortable as well. She's wonderfully consistent and consistently wonderful.

~ T.

Sofina is a true courtesan. She's brilliant, and she can seduce you with her words. From the first time I met her I was deeply impressed with the depth of her intelligence and sincerity packaged in that astounding body.

~ M.

Principled and reflective, she easily acknowledges her limitations. She is a powerful listener and conversationalist. She talks, looks, kisses, and smiles with her whole heart.

~ X.

I suspect that only a small minority of us guys who are lucky enough to have spent time with Sofina don't fall absolutely in love with her. She is the absolute epitome of the word "lover."

~ O.


If there was ever a session where I was completely captivated by the experience and completely disconnected from the real world outside - this was it. Sofina was an absolute delight to interact with. Entering her space was like passing through a closet door and emerging in some magical new world where...well...magic happened.

~ B.

Sofina can counted on to manage the business end as a true professional and the pleasure end as a true courtesan. Along with being a great partner Sofina is also a sweet, down to earth, pleasant person to just hang out and relax with.

~ T

Gorgeous, sexy, smart, mature and sensitive she really is the complete package. She blasted above my high expectations and is truly a local gem.

~ S.

She treated me like a real lover. Sofina is the kind of person that if you weren't careful you could fall in love with real easy.

~ D.

She is a true courtesan in all senses of the word. Besides having a hot young body, she has a beautiful smile and bright deep eyes. She is a real gem and I enjoyed talking with her about our life experiences almost as much as the main events.

~ J.

Sofina is very much into geek culture, which made me feel comfortable and welcome. She is well-spoken, kind, and passionate. By far, Sofina was the most intimate and passionate encounter I've had.

~ L.


She's simply the most beautiful provider, with not just an amazing bod that you can't keep your hands, eyes, or anything else off of, but her warm personality makes it so great to be with her. Every encounter is something to cherish.

~ P.

She is a pleasure to spend time with as a person and you could find yourself straying into thoughts about visiting with her in a different context.

~ C.

Sofina is the "Island Girl!" (That is, the answer to the question, "Which single female figure would you choose to take to a deserted island with you?")

~ G.


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