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For those seeking time outside my oasis. This offering is for the suitor who wants a companion for more social pursuits, whether that be a game night at your home, an intimate dinner out, a trip to the museum, or simply a stroll along the waterfront. I pride myself on being an excellent conversationalist and a wonderful partner for all sorts of circumstances. Please be aware that light flirtation is as risqué as this will get.

Regular:                                         Patron:

525 for 1.5 hours                         500 for 1.5 hours

675 for 2 hours                            625 for 2 hours

825 for 2.5 hours                         750 for 2.5 hours

950 for 3 hours                            850 for 3 hours


For those seeking joyous intimacy. This offering is designed around our sharing pleasure together. If you're looking for an opportunity to organically connect and revel in sensuality, this is the option for you. Please note that while I consider myself an accomplished polyglot, I still require translation for conversations in French and I have never taken to the Greek language.

Regular:                                         Patron:

950 for 1.5 hours                         900 for 1.5 hours

1250 for 2 hours                          1150 for 2 hours

1550 for 2.5 hours                       1400 for 2.5 hours

1800 for 3 hours                          1600 for 3 hours


For those seeking a deeper connection. Sometimes, a normal visit simply isn't long enough. If you wish to combine a wonderful adventure out with more private explorations in, this option is for you. The possibilities are nearly endless... Just let me know your desires, and together we'll create an incredible, unique experience. Some of the more commonly-requested suggestions are below, but please don't feel limited to these.


2000 for 4 hours ... A delightful meal

2600 for 6 hours ... A languid afternoon

3600 for 14 hours ... Dinner through breakfast

4200 for 18 hours ... Dinner through lunch


For those seeking an ongoing arrangement. This is an excellent choice if you desire more predicability from our chaotic world. This offering allows us both to look forward to sharing time together every month, while still providing flexibility in case of travel or other plans. Every arrangement is individually tailored, but all carry a commitment of at least one visit a month and in turn offer dedicated scheduling as well as reduced consideration for all Extended visits.


Please see my Monthly page for details


For those seeking to keep in touch while apart. When we can't be together, at least we can hear each other's voices. Schedule over email to tell me about your worries, your joys, your plans, how life has been keeping you busy lately. Please note that this option is for catching up with friends I already know, and is not suitable for first-time encounters. Consider this to be a form of Platonic connection.


150 for a phone call up to 30 minutes

50 for every 15 minutes thereafter

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