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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many facets of our normal lives, and continues to evolve with new waves, treatment options, and safety guidelines. In order to continue to support my and your health and safety, I've taken a number of precautions in both my personal and professional lives. Therefore, the following information supersedes that found elsewhere on my website, and will remain in effect until further notice.


I received my first shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in April 2021, my second in May 2021, and my booster in December 2021. (Despite my efforts, I also contracted COVID in July 2022, so I now have what is referred to as hybrid immunity.) I do require that all visitors also be vaccinated unless it is not medically advisable for you.


I now have rapid antigen tests available for those visitors whose circumstances call for additional caution. If possible, please let me know when scheduling that you would like to use this option, and I will ensure my test is completed by our appointed time. You are also welcome to request a test for yourself to take upon arrival.


Whenever possible, I prefer to host at my Bellevue incall rather than an upscale hotel or outcall. I keep my location impeccably clean, and maintain a supply of extra masks if you find yourself in need of one when we part. I also require all visitors to shower and use mouthwash upon arrival, regardless of how recently you may have done so.


Mental wellbeing is an important component of overall health. While I'm still avoiding large crowds and carefully weighing my risks, I am now venturing out to indulge in the occasional dining experience, take in a big-screen movie, and otherwise reconnect with a few of my passions. I am happy to discuss your and my risk tolerances to find activities we're both comfortable sharing.



I have not yet resumed travel to Portland. I'm keeping the number of visitors I entertain each week to a small handful, and am primarily focusing on deepening my relationships with my returning friends. If at any point I start to feel unwell, I will promptly contact you to cancel any upcoming plans we have. I request that you do the same.

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