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​How do I qualify for Patron status?

The Patron donations apply to all returning visitors who have already seen me at least once in the previous two months. (Yes, this means you may have Patron status on only your second visit, provided you don't delay too long.)

The Regular donations apply to all other returning visitors as well as new ones. (If you have not seen me in the two months prior to the date you're requesting, I'm always happy to welcome you back as a Regular friend.)

Will we automatically have a monthly arrangement if I see you two or more times within two months?

I will never assume a commitment on your behalf that you haven't offered. As such, you must reach out and tell me you are interested in making an arrangement first, and we will discuss the details from there. This can be done over email or in person depending on your preference.

Do you grandfather old friends or previous considerations?

I'm afraid not. I long ago came to the conclusion that it was more fair to everyone if I offer an additional benefit to those who gift me with their time and consideration regularly, rather than to those who merely had the good fortune of meeting me early on in my journey.

What forms of consideration do you accept?


Traditional paper is always appreciated, preferably provided in an unsealed envelope. I also accept CashApp ($Anifos) if you find digital currency more convenient. Tips and gifts, while never expected, are also welcome in the form of gift cards to Amazon or any of the stores on my Gifts page.

Are you available for outcalls?

I offer outcall appointments only to returning friends with whom I've established a certain rapport. I'm more than happy to travel within the greater Puget Sound area; please inquire with your location. There is no outcall fee, but minimum visit lengths do apply.

Are you available for same-day visits?

Rarely. When I am, our plans must be finalized and confirmed at least three hours in advance. I lead a full and busy life, and this allows me time to set aside my current activities and properly prepare for our visit. Please note that advanced scheduling is highly encouraged wherever possible.

Do you offer hour or shorter appointments?

Regretfully, no. I pride myself on creating an experience that is slow, unrushed, and permits our chemistry to unfold naturally. To this end, I've found that an hour and a half is the shortest amount of time that allows my visitors and I to fully enjoy each other's company.


Are you available outside your posted hours?

I prefer to start no earlier than 11am and wrap up no later than 7pm, although I'm happy to make exceptions for duos, monthly arrangements, and Extended engagements. Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may be subject to an additional fee.

What if I have to cancel?

Inspired by the lovely Sola Love, my approach to cancellations is as follows: Please provide as much notice as possible if you cannot make your appointment. Depending on the circumstances, a cancellation fee may be required to reschedule.

A no-call, no-show or cancellation with less than three hours' notice is only acceptable in medical emergencies. If this occurs, full payment of the missed session must be provided before any future scheduling requests will be accepted.

Will you wear a specific outfit for me?

Due to an unfortunate incident, many of my photographed outfits are no longer with me. I'm working on rebuilding my options, however, and help is always appreciated! Sizes are listed on my Gifts page, or you're welcome to email me a gift card so that I may acquire your preferred look.

Do you see couples?


With pleasure. Please be aware that regardless of which screening method you choose, however, I will require an additional public meeting before scheduling our first private visit. Due to the time involved, this carries a $150 fee. Please inquire for further details if you and your partner are interested in exploring this experience.



Do you see women?

Yes. I'm more than happy to entertain women, as well as those who identify as nonbinary, genderqueer, trans*, and other. My normal details apply to all single visitors. I do encourage you to let me know about any special requests or circumstances that you feel may be relevant to our visit.


Do you discriminate on any other basis?

I do not discriminate on the basis of age, weight, race, religion, or disability. If you feel that any of these factors may affect our visit, however, you're more than welcome to let me know. Otherwise, I only ask that you have good hygiene, polite manners, and a respectful attitude.

Will you provide a reference for me?

I'm always happy to give a reference for anyone who's seen me at least once in the last 12 months. If it has been longer than that since our last encounter, I do ask that you see me again so that I may provide you with a current reference.

What do your Extended dates include?

Dates of four hours and longer include time out for a meal, a show, a walk along the beach, or some other activity of that nature. My suitor is expected to take care of any expenses incurred during these adventures. Overnight dates include a minimum of eight hours' uninterrupted sleep.

What are your options for custom experiences?

I'm more than happy to provide an experience specially tailored for you. If you're interested in exploring one, feel free to email me with what you have in mind and we can make the appropriate arrangements.

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