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December 2023

As the old year winds down, I wanted to let you all know that my consideration will be updated soon. For the last few years, I've been doing this annually in an effort to provide predictability. The changes will be reflected on my Offerings page, and will take effect on Mar 1st, 2024. It is my privilege and my pleasure to share my time with you, and I look forward to creating more incredible memories together.

November 2022

As everyone is no doubt aware, inflation has remained high and the cost of living has increased substantially over the last year. In order to continue devoting myself without compromise to the time I spend with my visitors, I've made the decision to update my consideration. The changes will be reflected on my Offerings page, and will take effect on Jan 1st, 2023. I deeply appreciate your understanding.

January 2022

Welcome to my new website! In addition to switching hosting services, I took this opportunity to overhaul and update many details large and small. I therefore highly recommend a read-through, even if you are a returning friend of many years.

Of particular note, my Contact page contains my new email address and information regarding my current phone number. My COVID-19 page contains all of my current precautions. And lastly, this is a gentle reminder for all of my friends to be familiar with my Etiquette page before visiting.

Additionally, the tumult of the last two years has led me to some profound introspection. I've realized that I want to focus more on building deep and fulfilling relationships and bringing lasting joy to others. As such, I've made a few adjustments to my offerings.

In order to dedicate myself more fully to the time I spend with my visitors, I have adjusted both my consideration and my minimum visit lengths. I have also added two new options to facilitate our ongoing connection. All of my current details can be found on my Offerings page.

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