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Monthly Arrangements



Whether you'd like a standing date to spend the night, or while away the afternoon brainstorming about your writing project, or just go out and explore the city's epicurean opportunities — I would be honored to build an ongoing relationship together. Every arrangement is flexible to the needs and wishes of the friend I share it with. Please feel free to reach out and let me know what your desires are, and it will be my pleasure to tailor our time together into a perfect fit.


Monthly arrangements are scheduled in one of three ways: a standing date (e.g. the 10th of every month), a standing day (e.g. the first and third Sundays of every month), or flexibly (in which case we'll sit down together at the end of each date and plan when we'll next meet). Our time is welcome to fall outside of my usual availability and preferred hours. And for those occasions on which one or the other of us needs to reschedule, I'm more than happy to do so.


Shorter dates of 3 hours and less fall under my Patron donations. Extended engagements of 4 hours and longer enjoy generously-reduced consideration as follows. Longer Platonic visits as well as phone conversations are also available on an individual basis, as are durations that fall in between, or beyond, those described here and elsewhere. Please inquire if you would like more details.

1700 for 4 hours ... A delightful meal

2200 for 6 hours ... A languid afternoon

3200 for 14 hours ... Dinner through breakfast

3700 for 18 hours ... Dinner through lunch

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